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Colleen studied journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa, worked as a radio news anchor in New Jersey for 12 years and is currently completing her Masters in Professional Writing. Colleen is a writer in the Individual Insurance and Wealth Division of Sun Life Financial Canada.



David worked as a political campaign strategist in Provinical politics for several years, has a BA in Political Science from Western University and is studying to complete his Masters in Divinity. David is a marketing communications specialist at a printing and packaging company in London, Ontario.




Here you will find a collection of some of Colleen's work as a professional writer in the insurance industry. We invite you to take a look at a selection of writing styles, media formats and communication platforms.


Colleen's portfolio includes articles posted on public industry sites for financial advisors, client guides, creative e-blasts, postcards and brochures. Please send us an email request to be granted permission to visit the portfolio collection and we'd be happy to send you an access password.

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